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Two heads are better than one for the Pathfinder Rolepalying Game! The Taddol is bound to be the talk of the table as it offers the first-ever two-headed player option without adding an extra character sheet. Have a friend that you work well with? Want to play two PCs but the Gamemaster doesn’t want to deal with an extra mini on the table or two-sets of statistics? Or maybe you are a Gamemaster and you want to add an NPC that a particular player can’t get rid of! Taddols are a quirky blend of ettin (two-headed giants; mean, slobbering, stupid) and elves(sophisticated, beautiful, ingenious). They are strong, smart, and tall. Masterfully put together in Alluria style; all original art by Vasilis Zikos, Dean Spencer, and Samuel Flegal, several layers of editing and rules checking, and play tested till it meets the approval of the fussiest gamers.

The Remarkable Races: Pathway to Adventure  books are colorfully illustrated PDF books, 100% compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that give rules for playing new and unusual PC races. Each book contains all you need to play a character of one new race & more! Races were designed to fit into nearly any campaign. With versatile and non-intrusive back stories, these creatures can be spontaneously added to any setting. Mix and match to suit your world. Best of all, they are only $2.95 a piece! Whether you are DM looking for new options, or a player seeking something different, the "Remarkable Races" line by Alluria Publishing will breathe new life into your game!




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