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ALP-RR017: Remarkable Races Expansion Set II: The Return of the Ancients


 With the addition of the D&D 4E PLAYER’S HANDBOOK 2, the game has seen a few new staples to the player character race ensemble. Among these, the racial paragon paths and racial backgrounds have been especially well received. To update the Remarkable Races, we decided to put out our own updates. These updates will be released in three expansions, one for each set of Remarkable Races. Included are five racial paragons, one for each race in the set. Each race will also have the option of several suggested character backgrounds. In addition, by popular demand, we have included racial and paragon power cards that can be printed on cardstock. As an added bonus, there are 10 cardstock miniatures included for use at your game table!



     The Remarkable Races expansions will keep your new races alive and well in your campaign. This  

   expansion requires at least one Remarkable Race from set two (anumus, mahrog, relluk, taddol, and

  zif). This expansion features brand new art by Dean Spencer depicting all of the included races.



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