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04/30/2012: Our Kickstarter was a great success, raising over 6000$. We are currently starting up production and we will see new products. soon!


03/25/2012: The success of our kickstarter campaign has given us renewed hope. We never realized that Alluria Publishing was so well loved! We have reached our goal in 2 days! But every little bit helps. Feel free to continue the drive, which will ensure our continued success. We aimed a bit low to simply get us above water, but every dollar helps with future projects. The wheels are turning again, and we may see new stuff as early as May. To all of our supporters so far: Our deepest and heart felt gratitude. Thank you, and we will not let you down.


Our webpage is back! However, due to nefarious practices of some companies who wait like vultures for a domain to expire and swoop in and claim its traffic, we have lost our .COM suffix. So now we are Alluriapublishing.NET.  We feel the .NET suffix is a better fit anyway, as it fits well with our Cerulean Seas Setting.


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