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Remarkable Races: the Mahrog


 You saw how they were exploited by car insurance companies, now see them in action. I’m talking cavemen; nasty, brutish and short! The mahrogs may be marching into your game, dragging clubs, flinging spears, and just generally being brutish. Mothered by an overprotective nature goddess, the mahrogs shun modern conveniences like metal armor and fancy swords in favor of wood, bone, and stone. Best of all, it works well for them due to some divine intervention on the part of their goddess protector. So if you ever pined for simpler times, it doesn’t get any more primitive than this! Of course, the mahrogs follow the same great format as the other races with colorful original art, complete rules and extras, and are ready to play immediately. Made for the 4th Edition D&D game.

The Remarkable Races books are fully illustrated PDF books, 100% compatible with 4E that give rules for playing new and unusual PC races. Each book contains all you need to play a character of one new race & more! Races were designed to fit into nearly any campaign. With colorful and recent back stories, these creatures can be spontaneously added to any setting. Mix and match to suit your world. Best of all, they are only $2.25 a piece! Whether you are DM looking for new options, or a player seeking something different, the "Remarkable Races" line by Alluria Publishing will breath new life into your game!




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