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ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Relluk

LOCATION: Perth - Western Australia

BIO: I have been studying art and it for the last 8 years and have recently graduated from University with my Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design to add to my list of certificates. Currently I'm working as the senior graphic designer for a digital lifestyle company but am always looking to break into conceptual and game design, I am in the process of setting up a small Conceptual art/ Illustration business with a close friend, Molehill Creations, which if it gets up and running could be exciting. I have worked on a few independent games as a concept artist as well as a movie project.  I am a fantasy nut and absolutely love to create worlds and come up with creatures, monsters, races, and lore to fill them. I am currently writing a book called the Shadows Mage - it is a constant work in progress and I often get lost in creating the world itself instead of the storyline. I am also working on a children's book entitled "Wannabe" which is about a duckling that wants to be a dragon.

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ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Mahrog,

LOCATION: Cape Town - South Africa

BIO: Liz Clarke is a South African freelance artist. She has worked for various magazines and RPG publishers including Silverlion Studios, Red Anvil Productions, Vajra Enterprises, Silver Gryphon Monthly, PS Publishing, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Spacesuits and Sixguns Magazine, Jim Baen's Universe and Strange Horizons, producing fantasy and science fiction illustrations in traditional media. Her portfolio can be viewed at





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BIO:Sam Flegal was born in October 1980 in Midland, Michigan. His love of illustration began when his father, while trying to calm a fussy three-year old on a plane, introduced little Sam to the world of drawing. Immediately intrigued, he quietly traced what his father drew, much to everyone’s relief.
     As he grew, Sam’s interests gravitated towards comic books and comic characters. He quickly filled his sketchbooks with images of Batman, Wolverine, and other dark heroes. On the day that his drawing skill surpassed his dad's, Sam knew he was destined to be an artist.
     Sam studied illustration and graphic design at Mississippi State University, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003. While in college, Sam explored several illustration styles, from the dark and macabre to the light and whimsical. After graduating, Sam worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in various markets ranging from store signage, to stamp design, to video game production, and currently works as a science fiction, fantasy, and horror illustrator. During his free time Sam enjoys creative writing and custom model painting. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, a fellow graphic artist.
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ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Mogogol,

LOCATION: Perugia, Italy

BIO: Since when I was a small child, I started messing with pencil & paper, colors and brushes. I've always been fascinated by fantasy, horror and science fiction, and my first works were inspired by al genre of media of this kind, form comics to books to movies. I attended art school for about an year after graduating, but I left it after a short while, since it focus too much on "formal" painting and limited my interest in figurative art and illustration and into graphic design. I started working as a freelance in the field of graphics design, and later I founded a company I still run. We mainly do web-design and custom software. Along with my work as a graphic designer, I continued developing my skills in the fantasy/science fiction illustration field. I added to traditional painterly techniques all the innovation given by computer graphics. I do my illustration mainly for private commissions and personal use (I'm also an avid role-player, and most of my art was used to add visual aid to my own games), but I also did small freelance work from time to time. My personal inspirations are the old masters of fantasy illustration like Richard Corben, Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Larry Elmore and also the new generation of artist like Brom, Craig Mullins, Todd Lockwood and many more. I always try to improve my skills and develop a personal style which is not only imitation of those models but something more. Other samples can be viewed at: , ,  and



ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Squole, Remarkable Races: The Anumus, Remarkable Races: The Numistian, Remarkable Races: Expansion Sets I&III


BIO: Eugene Jaworski is a freelance artist and illustrator from Chicago USA.  He spends way too much time in his basement studio breathing in noxious turpentine fumes, watching cheesy fantasy flicks (think Beastmaster), and painting images of things that never were.  His ideas come from years of playing Dungeons & Dragons and reading fantastic tales by authors such as Tolkien, Moorcock, Lovecraft, Howard and many others.  These stories creating in his mind a bridge to the creation of his own particular fantasies. He likes to work with pencils and oil paint to create his images, as he loves the effect he gets with these traditional mediums.  If you want to see more of his work please come visit –



ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Boggle, Remarkable Races: The Mahrog

LOCATION: Berea, Kentucky (USA)

BIO: A brief bio of me... for any who are interested. About the most accurate thing that can be said of me as a person I guess is that whatever virtues I may have are the result of far better people than myself. My life in general revolves around my wife, my family, my friends and all the day to day hassles that go along with domestic life. I've always been interested in military history and aviation, and my first experiences with art involved drawing airplanes on paper bags on the living room floor when I was 4 years old. Around the time I started high school, I began to read a lot of fantasy, and fell in love with Tolkien's work immediately. Not long after that I discovered role playing, and particularly fell in love with all of the amazing artwork to be found in all the books. My interest in art began not long after I learned to walk, so naturally, when I saw all this work, I began to try to imitate it, and well, that's what I've been doing ever since. In the beginning, the artists that influenced me more than others were Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson and Frank Fazetta. I was also reading a lot of comics at the time, and the work of guys like Joe Jusko, Michael Dorian and Jim lee had a big influence on me. Lately the artist's I've been most impressed with have been Todd Lockwood Luis Royo, and Paul Bonner, as well as a lot of work that is being done in the computer gaming industry, guys like Samwise Didier and Ian McCaig. In addition to my interests in art, I also build a lot of military models, and for the last several years have been working off and on at creating my own gaming system and game universe. It may never get finished, because, frankly it's a lot more work than I thought when I started, but between that, my other hobbies, my artwork, and all the hassles of life in the real world, I stay busy. Most of the advice I could give another aspiring artist would simply be along the lines of what NOT to do, because I've become a bit of an expert on that, but the one thing I'll say that matters more than anything else. Do what YOU want to do and what YOU enjoy, not what somebody else thinks you should. It is a bit of a cliché, and probably every artist in the business will tell you the same thing, but it truly cannot be said enough. Other samples can be viewed at:



ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Entobian, Remarkable Races: The Zif, Remarkable Races: The Xax, Remarkable Races: The Muse, Remarkable Races: The Kval, Remarkable Races: Expansion Set II

LOCATION: Winchelsea, England

BIO: Born in 1974 in Beckenham, England, Dean Spencer is a self-taught UK based artist, with a keen interest in fantasy and science fiction. He started drawing and painting with traditional mediums such as pencil and acrylic, but soon discovered the joys of photoshop (no more messy paint, and the pleasure of ‘undo’). So far in his professional career he has worked for Octopus Publishing Group, Alluria Publishing, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, Fantasy Flight Games, Jim Baene’s Universe and Shroud Magazine. Other samples can be viewed at: and




ALLURIA PRODUCTS: Remarkable Races: The Oakling, Remarkable Races: The Taddol, Remarkable Races: The Obitu

LOCATION: Athens, Greece

BIO: Vasilis prefers to remain mysterious. Other samples of his work can be viewed at:





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